Mistakes When Presenting Design Work

Rookie Mistakes

Most rookie presentations are presented this way. You will find these elements in almost all these presentations:

  • Tabulated data
  • Pictures and other graphics
  • Overused animations
  • Bulleted talking points

There is nothing wrong with including these in your presentation. But, if you do not have an idea on how to present your design work properly, these elements will just saturate your presentation.

Your presentation will fall on deaf ears if you do not know the basic principles of delivering outstanding presentations. Once you lose your audience’s attention, it’s nearly impossible for you to get it back again.

Make a Presentation to Remember

You want your audience – your client – to remember you for the right reasons. If you leave them in awe of your work, you’ll have left your mark on them.

If you present a lackluster presentation, you might also be remembered. But not in the way you want.

To leave the best possible lasting impression on your clients, you have to  present your work perfectly . You have to communicate the message you want them to receive. To do this successfully, you have to apply the four principles of delivering outstanding presentations.

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